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Envision a church that ministers to body, mind, soul, and so much more – a church that develops individuals on all levels: mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. What if this church regularly supports the needs of not just its physical congregation with meditation, yoga, and mindfulness/wellness, but the surrounding communities with ministry partnerships and spiritual outreach? A church that provides continuous service to the poor and civic activism for the disenfranchised and marginalized? A church that ministers in parks, schools, jails, online, and globally. What would that look like?
Welcome to The Church Without Walls, Global Outreach (The CWOW). Our ministry began September 3, 2017, and is the culmination and vision of our Pastor and Founder, Reverend Janelle Bruce, Esquire. To do the work of ministry in excellence, we are asking CWOW friends to help us raise $100,000. Gifts of any amount and frequency are welcome, beneficial, and tax deductible!
In just five months, we’ve provided food, clothing, hygiene items, and haircuts to the homeless, helped fund a roof and library for students in Kpallan Town, Liberia, given donations for disaster relief in Texas, Puerto Rico, and Mexico, donated to Troop 6000 – a Girl Scout troop serving girls in New York City shelters, donated to Penn North – an organization serving families struggling to overcome substance abuse, and stood together at various rallies promoting justice. This is just the beginning, and you can help us do even more!
Your donation as a Friend of CWOW will help us do the following good:
  • Expand our outreach and global reach – 10% of our income directly supports outreach.
  • Secure our own space so we can serve our members and community on weekdays. 
  • Purchase furniture and equipment for our worship services, technology needs, and ministries.
  • Increase our Pastor’s stipend from $18k/year so she can continue to develop The CWOW, teach and empower its members, cultivate partnerships with organizations and missions that are in line with CWOW’s, and serve CWOW and community members without needing additional employment.
  • Enhance our current partnerships with teen parents, the Maryland’s Poor People’s Campaign, Progressive MD, and our upcoming partnership with Thomas Stone Elementary.
Ultimately, your gifts will help us empower and inspire people to live their best lives and develop servant leaders who will make our communities and world a better place! Giving is easy, flexible and appreciated! You may give weekly or monthly if that works for you.

Many thanks for your generous heart and financial gifts
With a Spirit of Thanks,
Rev. Janelle and The CWOW Finance Team