Where Can God Use Your Talents?



Vision: To welcome all souls by allowing them to feel the love of God through friendly and authentically gracious service and interactions.


Vision: To empower and equip our youth to go out and inspire, impact, and heal our communities
and world through God’s love.


Vision: To utilize the power of prayer to see the manifestation of God’s promises and bring healing and wholeness to the people of God, our communities and world.

Women’s Health & Wholeness

Vision: To aid in creating an atmosphere of mental, physical and spiritual healing; to provide stress relief and a release of toxins from the mind, body and soul that will contribute to inner peace, well-being and wholeness.

Men’s Health & Wholeness

Vision: To cultivate spiritually, mentally, and emotionally whole men that are equipped to lead within their families, church and community.

Media & Technology

Vision: To globally spread The CWOW Message and unite people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities to collectively make the world a better place.



Outreach & Global Ministries (OGM)

VisionTo build relationships with all of God’s children and serve the local, national and international community through love, kindness, and acceptance.