America Stand Up!!

Yesterday was a horrific day in our nation! When hate-filled, bigoted, racists are allowed to descend on the people in Charlottesville, not only has America lost its way (which occurred when a racist, sexist, economically and intellectually unsound man was elected President), but we are all in danger! This moves beyond the emotional trauma we experience regularly and has the potential to cause the deaths of many others. 
When people feel and actually are emboldened to attack others, carry weapons and torches and shout the most hateful, disgusting rhetoric, we’re in a dangerous time! When police stand idly by and allow those who’ve surpassed the right and moved into pure evil to attack others, but have vans and hundreds of pieces of plastic and arrest peaceful black and brown protestors and those who stand with them, it’s a dangerous time. Only 3 arrest were made and there was no mention of thugs, no real condemnation from Trump, and those who had something to say about the uprisings are far too silent.
This was not about a statue, this was a rallying cry filled with hateful violence to recruit others into the bigoted cult used to keep white supremacy alive and well. Unfortunately, I believe that goal was accomplished! So now we need to ask ourselves, what role will we play and what will we do to ensure this doesn’t become the norm? We are not living in the 30s or the 50s, we’re living in 2017 and our lives are in danger! Our future and the future of America is at stake…America stand up!