I Like Your Christ, Not Your Christians…

Judgement, Side-eyes, Oppression, Exclusion, Church Hurt! These are just a few things church attendees experience on a regular basis that may turn them away forever.  How do we claim to be Christian, but lack the compassion, love, and fight for justice that was essential to the very nature of Christ?  How do we turn our noses up at others, when Christ is the one who welcomed everyone to the table? How do we cast judgment on others knowing Christ was the only perfect person to ever walk this earth?  How do we condemn others for the same behavior we once knew personally?  I believe Mahatma Gandhi described it best when he said “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” As CHRISTians, we must do better! 
At The CWOW, we will do better! How will we do better you ask? Let me tell you how! First, as the Pastor I will tell you in a minute, I’m not perfect, I will mess up (and apologize when I do), but I will do my best to follow the example of Christ. I do not purport to have all the answers because quite frankly, I don’t. I value the input and theology of others. I value diversity and being challenged to move in excellence. I value those who are willing to try even if they get it wrong the first and second time. It is through the process of life, trials and tribulations that We discover God and ultimately ourselves. At The CWOW, we’re on a journey to discover the abundant life promised by God. We don’t ask for you to come in with everything all together, like Christ, we welcome you as you are! 

We believe in people being themselves and authentically true to who they are. We are each created in God’s image. God meets us where we are, accepts us as we are and brings us inline to where God has called us to be. At THE CWOW, a prostitute should feel just as comfortable walking in as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. after all, Jesus did spend time with prostitutes. If this makes you uncomfortable, THE CWOW probably isn’t for you and that’s ok! When God’s children walk into THE CWOW, they should feel the love of God and the presence of God. Just as Jesus created a sense of community for God’s children, we’ll strive to create the same. 

We strive to follow our foundation Scripture, Micah 6:8, so we DO Justice, LOVE mercy and WALK HUMBLY with God! We are each other’s keepers! We exude God’s love! We believe in LOVE!  We are THE CWOW! We are CHRISTians!